Are you...
  • 17 or younger

  • Ready to Learn about Checking, Debit/ATM Cards

  • Interested in Learning How to Borrow

Then you're ready to get a good start!

The guide to money-getting a good start program is designed to put teens (or pre-teens) ready to learn about money Credit Union Diversitymanagement into the drivers seat.

This program is built to help coach smart use of money, and grow the confidence needed to make smart decisions later.

Contact us to learn more about the program and how you can earn cash and other incentives just for completing the training!

**This web page will be updated on a regular basis sharing information on new threats and how you can protect yourself.

Theft – Prevention, Protection, Detection and Action

We break down what identity theft is, what it can cost victims, and what viewers can do to protect their most valuable asset – their identity.

Wheeling and Dealing: How auto financing rolls

Take a drive through the different options, lingo and hazards when financing a car. This includes credit reports and scores, finding a lender, knowing the terms (multiple connotations: the words and their meaning as well as the conditions with regard to length of payment), getting pre-approved, looking for deals and closing said deals.

Compounding: Time is Money – Compounding cents into dollars

You may think they’re young and broke, but they’ve got at least one asset that all those successful older people don’t have: time. In this video we show what their money can do with a little – or even better, a lot – of it. We show viewers what they should know about compounding interest and how to make their money, age and time work for them.