There’s never been a better time to OWN your own Bank!

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Do yourself a favor.  Get the ride you deserve FAST.

  • NO cosigner needed
  • Build or repair your credit
  • Good payer program
  • Apply today

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Your VISA – simple, the way it should be

  • Low FIXED rate
  • Low, or NO annual fee
  • Share Secured options available
  • In-house servicing (make your payment at the credit union, not somewhere out of State).
  • Apply today


Your cash- where you want it, when you want it

  • No minimum balance, no monthly fees
  • VISA ® Debit/ATM Card and over 30,000 surcharge-free CO-OP ATMs
  • FREE 24-hour online banking, mobile banking and e-statements
  • No monthly fee electronic bill pay
  • Overdraft protection available with direct deposit

**This web page will be updated on a regular basis sharing information on new threats and how you can protect yourself.

Theft – Prevention, Protection, Detection and Action

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Wheeling and Dealing: How auto financing rolls

Take a drive through the different options, lingo and hazards when financing a car. This includes credit reports and scores, finding a lender, knowing the terms (multiple connotations: the words and their meaning as well as the conditions with regard to length of payment), getting pre-approved, looking for deals and closing said deals.

Compounding: Time is Money – Compounding cents into dollars

You may think they’re young and broke, but they’ve got at least one asset that all those successful older people don’t have: time. In this video we show what their money can do with a little – or even better, a lot – of it. We show viewers what they should know about compounding interest and how to make their money, age and time work for them.