Stop Card Fraud with Activity Alerts !

Enable activity alerts on your MCCU Debit and Credit Cards and help stop fraud!


  1. Login to your account using the MetrumCU Mobile App (Just search for MetrumCU in the Apple App Store or on Google Play)
  2. Select the More button at the bottom right of the screen
  3. Select Manage My Cards
  4. Select Edit Activity Alert Settings and set up your desired notifications- Do this for all cards listed on your account.

“Check” out what else you can do with the MetrumCU App!

The Mobile App features quick mobile access to your account balances and history as well as the Online Loan Application, Card Controls, Branch Information including hours, phone numbers and emails, and Frequently Asked Questions such as who to contact if you lost your Debit or Credit Card.

Need to make a Check Deposit? 

Next time you have a check to deposit to your account, use the MetrumCU Mobile App and make the deposit with your smartphone!

If you can take a picture with your phone, you can do Mobile Deposit Capture!

Getting started is easy. Simply download the MetrumCU App from the iTunes or Google Play Store, login to your account and select the Move Money button, then Deposit Check. Once your registration has been
approved*, you can start making check deposits to your account with just a few clicks!

*Qualifications do apply for Mobile Deposit Capture. Ask a Member Service Rep for details.