Pitfalls that could destroy your spending plan

  • Medical emergencies
  • Holidays
  • Vacations
  • Repair bills
  • Auto accidents
  • Lack of emergency fund

This list represents just a few of the situations that can “throw a wrench” in your plan.

Creating an emergency fund can be intimidating when you look at the ending amount needed.  Don’t look at that number.  Look at how much you can afford on a monthly or per paycheck basis and start putting money aside…Even just $50 a month can help you begin to get on track.

  • Metrum CU can help make saving easy with Swipe & Save. Swipe & Save allows you to ‘save your change’ every time you use your debit card. When debit card transactions post to your account, the transactions will automatically round up and the increased amount will be transferred to a saving account.
    • Example: Spend $10.01 with your debit and $0.99 will be transferred from your checking to your savings! This is saving made easy!
    • Call the CU at 303-770-4468 to get started