Great Balance Transfer Rate and No Transfer Fee

Great balance transfer rate and pay no fee

Payoff another card with a MCCU Visa and receive 3.99% APR for all 2018 AND pay NO balance transfer fee!

Other providers may offer 0%, which is a great rate, but watch out for the balance transfer fees!  The average fee is the higher of $5.00 or 3% of the amount transferred. Transfer a $3,000 balance to the lower rate and you still end up paying $90!

STARTING FEBRUARY 1, 2018, any balance transfer completed with a MCCU Visa Credit Card will receive 3.99% APR through 2018 and NO balance transfer fee!

Maximize your savings and contact MCCU directly for this great offer! Call the Loan Department at 303-770-4468.

Instructions to Complete a Balance Transfer:

#1: Ensure that you have a MCCU Classic or Premier Rewards Credit Card

  • To apply for a card, or a limit increase, select Apply for a Loan to get started!

#2: Gather the account statements that you would like to payoff with the Great Low Rate and NO Transfer Fee!

#3: Call the Loan Department at 303-770-4468, or email to discuss the best method for you to submit your statements.