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Testimonial from Miriam R. who banks at Metrum Community Credit Union, a member since 1997.

My younger daughter lives in Portland OR and still banks at Metrum through the shared ‘branch’ services.  In part that’s because it makes it easier for us to lend her money when needed, but it’s also because she knows that Metrum will always help her with her financial needs — even when she’s halfway across the country.

testimonial MCCU Member Matthew S. Metrum has been handling his money since 2001.

I have been with Metrum for a long time and have always been able to work with the same people. It’s just a luxury to know the people that handle something as important as your money.

Read this great testimonial from Pat S. Who says that Metrum always goes above and beyond when she has needed it.

Metrum employees have always helped above and beyond and I have had several interesting occasions to need it!

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Balance Transfers Offers: Understanding the Benefits

Learn the benefits of transferring a credit card balance at Metrum Community Credit Union

Transfer your credit card balances and lower your payments for all of 2023! Taking advantage of low-rate balance transfers is a great way to pay off debt- add in the NO Balance Transfer Fee offered by Metrum Community Credit Union and save even more. Why pay more for things you already own?

Understanding the benefits of Balance Transfers

  • You get the benefit of a credit card with better terms, such as our introductory balance transfer rate of 3.99% APR* for all of 2023.
  • Lower rates may help you get out of debt faster.
  • You can take advantage of additional perks, such as our no-balance transfer fee and no annual fees.
  • You can consolidate debt from multiple cards.

If these benefits sound good to you, look at the details of the Metrum Community Credit Union balance transfer option!

 With Balance Transfers, Saving is easy.

  • If you already have an MCCU Visa Card, simply send us a copy of your card statement(s) that you’d like to pay off, and we’ll start processing your request.
  • If you need to set up a card account, complete our easy online loan application, and a Loan Officer will contact you to complete the process.
  • Have additional questions? Contact us today! We are happy to talk to you about this offer.

*APR= Annual Percentage Rate. Balance transfers must be paid directly to another lender/card and must be completed by an MCCU employee. The introductory 3.99% APR balance transfer rate will expire on December 31, 2023; upon the expiration date, any outstanding balance will transfer to your card’s prevailing rate, with a maximum rate of 18.00%. If the account becomes 30 days or more delinquent, the total balance will automatically be converted to the prevailing credit card rate. 

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Could You Save More With A Fixed Interest Rate?

Home equity loans: Your Dreams all under one roof

Ready to save a little more each month? If you’ve been putting off your financial New Year’s resolution, it’s not too late to get back on track. Whether you’re planning long-term financial goals or just want some extra cash this year, switching to a fixed-interest rate loan could be your smartest move this year.

Interest rates are still near historical lows but have already crept upward since January. Unfortunately, rates are expected to climb even higher this year. Transferring your mortgage, variable-rate credit card, or personal loan to a locked-in rate agreement with Metrum could save you thousands, and the best time to act is now.Read More >