Member Testimonial


My younger daughter lives in Portland OR and still banks at Metrum through the shared ‘branch’ services.  In part that’s because it makes it easier for us to lend her money when needed, but it’s also because she knows that Metrum will always help her with her financial needs — even when she’s halfway across the country.


I have been with Metrum for a long time and have always been able to work with the same people. It’s just a luxury to know the people that handle something as important as your money.


Metrum employees have always helped above and beyond and I have had several interesting occasions to need it!

Latest News & Events

What’s Been Happening at MCCU? Summer Update

With 50% of this year in the books, we wanted to share what MCCU has been up to this year and what you can soon look forward to.

  • On April 16, MCCU celebrated CEO, Steve Kelly’s, 30th Anniversary!
  • On April 20, MCCU celebrated Jennifer Oswald-Boswell’s Retirement.
    • Small excerpt from Steve’s speech to Jennifer: We know that the CU will continue on, as the foundation of what you helped build is strong! Speaking for the membership, staff and myself – you will be missed-greatly!
  • May 4th was MCCU’s 72nd Annual Membership Meeting.

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What Makes a Credit Union Different than a Bank?

 The Volunteers

Metrum Community Credit Union is governed by the Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee, which are comprised of members who are elected democratically and serve voluntarily.

The Board of Directors set policies and direct the Credit Union’s efforts to ensure the best interests of the membership are met. The Supervisory Committee has oversight of the auditing
functions, ensuring member accounts are protected.

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Step 5: Manage Your System

The fifth and final step in developing an effective spending plan is to commit to manage your system for the long term. The key to any successful spending plan is to get into the habit of managing a system that works for you.

  • Track expenses regularly
  • Pay bills regularly
  • Balance your checking (spending) account monthly
  • Review goals annually or after major life change
  • Does your spending plan fit with your goals?

As you can see, you need to start with the end in mind—always keep your goals in mind as you develop your road map for spending.


  • Set SMART goals by making them specific, measurable, adjustable, realistic, and time-oriented.
  • Try several tracking methods and then use the one that works for you.
  • Use spending plan work sheets and the cash-flow statement to help you reach your goals.
  • Give yourself an annual checkup and make adjustments as necessary.