Looking back on success and forward to the future

Although Steve Kelly’s time at the helm of Metrum Community Credit Union will soon come to an end, his legacy and impact on the company’s day-to-day operations will be felt for years to come. Perhaps his most crowning achievement, the point of pride on which Steve can hang his hat as he enters retirement, is helping… Read more »


What Makes a Credit Union Different than a Bank?  The Volunteers Metrum Community Credit Union is governed by the Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee, which are comprised of members who are elected democratically and serve voluntarily. The Board of Directors set policies and direct the Credit Union’s efforts to ensure the best interests of… Read more »

Bring your Auto Loan to MCCU for a Better Auto Loan

New, Used or Refinancing- MCCU is your Best Auto Loan Option New or Used In today’s market, auto dealerships currently offer very competitive pricing for some very qualified credit scores. Finance with MCCU, and you’ll get the best all-around deal with potential dealer incentives and a great rate. Visit MCCU first for pre-approval and shop… Read more »

2021 Balance Transfer

Taking advantage of a low rate balance transfer is a great way to payoff debt- add in the NO Balance Transfer Fee and you save even more. Saving is easy. If you already have a MCCU Visa Card, just send us a copy of your card statement(s) that you’d like to payoff and we’ll process… Read more »