Financing an Older Car? No Problem!

You found the car of your dreams, the one you have wanted for a long time. The only problem is that it is an older vehicle, and you are not sure you can get a loan. Where do you turn? You do not want this opportunity to pass you by. Financing an older car is possible with Metrum Community Credit Union.

At Metrum, we offer auto loans for all types of vehicles. We even take the unusual step of providing financing with no age limit. As the buyer of your dream car, you can finally park the vehicle you always wanted in your driveway.

Financing an older car is possible with Metrum Community Union.

Get Pre-Approved Before You Shop 

Even if you have not yet found your perfect ride, with Metrum, you can shop freely by getting pre-approved to help you through the buying process. Our Loan Officers will work carefully with you as you navigate the dealership or even buy from a private party. With the added benefit of no age limit, the sky will be the limit as you shop. 

Not Sure Where to Start? 

With Metrum, you can take advantage of the resources we have available to you as you locate your dream car: 

Automotive Partner Center

Looking for help as you shop? The Automotive Partner Center connects you with dealerships that will be respectful during your experience and help you find the best deal available. We can also help you find the resources to keep your prized ride looking and running great. 

Apply from the Comfort of Home

Ready to get the ball rolling? Apply for your loan from the comfort of your home with our online application. We understand busy lifestyles and know your time is precious.

How Much Will I Pay? 

Now that you know that loans are available for an older car, you found the special one meant for you. Find out your expected payment so you can begin planning your purchase using our loan calculator. 

Get an Auto Loan for the Car You Want 

Now, you can get the financing for an older car you want. With fewer limitations, you have more options. We offer new auto loans and used auto loans! Let Metrum help you along the way. Contact one of our loan officers or fill out the online application today to get started.

We look forward to seeing you in your new car and helping make it possible for you.