Express Online Bill Payment

Express Online Bill Payment provides an easy, convenient, and secure way to pay your bills from your Metrum checking account. You can control when you pay your bills without the hassle of writing checks and sending them in the mail.

What are the Benefits of Using Online Bill Payment?

There are multiple benefits to paying your bills online! Such as:

  • It’s very convenient. When you pay bills online with Metrum Community Credit Union, you only have to log into one central location, eliminating sending checks or logging into several places to pay your bill with the service provider.
  • It simplifies your life! Saving you time and making it easier to manage your money.
  • It’s secure. Know that your bills will be handled securely, giving you peace of mind.


Getting started is easy. Simply log in to your Online Banking and select Payments and Transfers, then Payments. There, you can see a demo and enroll today.

*You must have a Metrum checking account to use the Express Online Bill Payment feature. A one-time $10 set up fee may apply.