Credit Cards

A Metrum Visa Card is a must for shoppers, travelers or anyone with hectic schedules. Enjoy the purchasing power Visa offers and acceptance at millions of merchants worldwide. Apply today and start enjoying the convenience and privileges of a Metrum Credit Union VISA.

Metrum Premier Rewards Visa® Card

Low Variable Rates
Same low rate for purchases, cash advances and balance transfers*
No annual fee
Earn points to use toward gift cards and travel anywhere in the world **
Easy to maintain and access because it is attached to your MCCU account

Metrum Classic Visa® Card

Low Fixed Rate***
Same low rate for purchases, cash advances and balance transfers*
No annual fee ***
Easy to maintain and access because it is attached to your MCCU account

* Cash advance and balance transfer fees may apply based on card agreement. Contact the credit union to learn how you can avoid possible fees.
** See Member Rewards by CO-OP Program Rules for details.
*** Annual Percentage Rate determined by credit score.  Classic Card rate of 17.99% APR may be assessed a $15.00 Annual Fee.

Traveling Plans? Be sure to notify the CU first to avoid possible service interruptions when using your Debit or Credit Card. Click Here to complete a Travel Notification


  • During Normal Business Hours (M-F, 9 am-5 pm, MST): 303-770-4468 or toll-free 1-888-383-5926
  • After Normal Business Hours: 1-888-241-2510
  • If you are traveling in France call: 080-090-1179
  • If you are traveling in Spain call: 34-900-9911-24
  • Or use

ATTENTION VISA Debit and Credit Card Holders:

MCCU Debit and Credit Cards include various methods of fraud protection.

  1. There is a maximum daily limit allowed of $3,000. This limit resets every 24-hours. If you need to make a purchase for above that amount, please contact the Member Service Department to have the limit temporarily increased.
  2. There is a maximum daily limit of $500 allowed for ATM withdrawals.  This limit resets every 24-hours. Note that the ATM may have a lower limit.
  3. Card Watch: watches your card transactions to determine if there may be possible fraud. All transactions are tracked and compared to your specific typical transaction activity. If an abnormal transaction is made with your card, you may receive an email, text or phone call from our fraud management company on behalf of the credit union. The contact will be made to confirm the transaction suspected. If we are unable to contact you to confirm the transaction, your card may be blocked to prevent any additional possible fraud.
    • The email will state it is from the Fraud Center with Information on your Metrum Community CU card
    • The text will state that it is from FICO freemsg
    • The phone call will state that it is from ‘chase fraud’ if you have Caller ID.

If you have any questions regarding this improved fraud protection, please contact the credit union at 303-770-4468, ext 113.


MCCU Debit and Credit Card Fraud Prevention Service

Every transaction completed using your MCCU Debit or Credit Card is monitored by our card fraud centers. The monitoring systems have the ability to flag specific transactions as potential fraud, and block it from being processed against your account.

When potential fraud is detected, the fraud prevention service will attempt to contact you to confirm the transaction(s). If the service is unable to contact you, your card may get blocked to prevent additional potential fraudulent transactions from occurring.

The phone numbers for the fraud centers are listed below by card type. We suggest that you save these numbers in your mobile phone, with the label “Fraud Center”, so the caller ID will display this should you get a call from the system.

Card Fraud Center



  • Our messages will never ask you for PIN or account number.
  • It is important to ensure that your contact information is correct on your account. You may review (and update) your contact information through the It’sMe247 Online Banking system or by calling the CU at 303-770-4468.
  • Be proactive and review your account transactions frequently. If you find a fraudulent transaction, contact the credit union immediately by calling 303-770-4468 ext. 109.

Changes to Your VISA Credit Card

Credit Card balance updates are now made 24-hours a day/7-days a week, eliminating the daily single balance updates. This means that your balance will be updated as soon as your payments or transactions post!

EMV Chip Card:

You may have heard about Chip Cards through the news, shopping at a local convenience store, or you may already have one in your wallet. In essence, the chip card replaces the functionality of the mag stripe on the back of your card with a computer chip making it nearly impossible, and expensive to counterfeit. The EMV chip card is a worldwide standard, with the U.S. just starting to take action. The roll out, especially on the merchant side, is expected to take many years as special equipment is needed to read the chip on the card versus reading the mag stripe. Currently, as financial institutions are issuing EMV chip cards, the plastic includes both the chip and the mag stripe to allow the card to be used in both manners.