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Free Shredding and Electronic Recycling Event

Attend our free Shredding and Recycling Event on July 8, 2023

Document Shredding and Electronic Recycling will be available Saturday, July 8, 2023, 1:00-3:00 pm. Free On-Site Shredding Paper Only Up to 3 copy paper boxes or kitchen size garbage bags per person Electronic Recycling Here’s a list of some of the items that can be recycled. Desktops and Laptops LCD monitors CRT monitors* LED monitors… Read more »

Flip & Fix your Home Equity Loan

Featured images for the blog Learn about a fixed home equity loan from Metrum.

FLIP Your Rate & FIX Your Payments with a Fixed Home Equity Loan from Metrum Rates have been on the rise for several months and are expected to continue increasing for at least a couple more months.  If you have a Home Equity Line of Credit with a variable rate, FLIP that line of credit… Read more »

Balance Transfers Offers: Understanding the Benefits

Balance Transfer

Transfer your credit card balances and lower your payments for all of 2023! Taking advantage of low-rate balance transfers is a great way to pay off debt- add in the NO Balance Transfer Fee and you save even more. Why pay more for things you already own? Understanding the benefits of Balance Transfers You get… Read more »

Could you save more with a fixed interest rate?

fixed rate loan

Ready to save a little more each month? If you’ve been putting off your financial New Year’s resolution, it’s not too late to get back on track. Whether you’re planning long-term financial goals or just want some extra cash this year, switching to a fixed interest rate loan could be the smartest move you make… Read more »

Get a Better Auto Loan from MCCU

Get a better auto loan with Metrum Community Credit Union.

New, Used or Refinancing- MCCU is your Best Auto Loan Option A New or Used Auto Loan Considering buying a new or used vehicle? In today’s market, auto dealerships currently offer highly competitive pricing for some qualified credit scores. Finance with MCCU, and you’ll get the best all-around auto loan options with potential dealer incentives… Read more »