What’s Been Happening at MCCU? Summer Update

With 50% of this year in the books, we wanted to share what MCCU has been up to this year and what you can soon look forward to. On April 16, MCCU celebrated CEO, Steve Kelly’s, 30th Anniversary! On April 20, MCCU celebrated Jennifer Oswald-Boswell’s Retirement. Small excerpt from Steve’s speech to Jennifer: “We know… Read more »


What Makes a Credit Union Different than a Bank?  The Volunteers Metrum Community Credit Union is governed by the Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee, which are comprised of members who are elected democratically and serve voluntarily. The Board of Directors set policies and direct the Credit Union’s efforts to ensure the best interests of… Read more »

Step 5: Manage Your System

The fifth and final step in developing an effective spending plan is to commit to manage your system for the long term. The key to any successful spending plan is to get into the habit of managing a system that works for you. Track expenses regularly Pay bills regularly Balance your checking (spending) account monthly… Read more »

More money-saving tips

Send in rebates and use coupons Drive sensibly to save on gasoline Brown-bag it Don’t go grocery shopping when… Install a programmable thermostat/use ceiling fans Make saving a habit: Payroll direct deposit Save one year’s raise Holiday Club account Automatic Withdrawal Any other tips? Share on our Facebook Page!

Practical money-saving tips…

Pay down debt Refinance loans for better rates/lower payments Bundle insurance with one company Shop around for insurance and credit (annually) Use credit cards wisely Only charge what you can pay in full Eliminate late payment fees; pay on time Understand terms and conditions of each card Pay Down Debt: There are a couple of… Read more »

Pitfalls that could destroy your spending plan

Medical emergencies Holidays Vacations Repair bills Auto accidents Lack of emergency fund This list represents just a few of the situations that can “throw a wrench” in your plan. Creating an emergency fund can be intimidating when you look at the ending amount needed.  Don’t look at that number.  Look at how much you can… Read more »

Step 4: Review and Communicate

Continue to track expenses Find places to save (spending leaks) Analyze and revise plan Does your plan fit with your goals? What are some examples of changes you can make if expenses exceed income? Share on our Facebook Page

Step 3: Balance Income & Expenses

How does your cash flow? Goal: Match income with expenses If income > expenses, save more! If expenses > income, make changes Matching income with expenses is the step that many people don’t make time for, but it’s important to do if you wish to make the most of your resources and achieve your goals…. Read more »

Communication is Part of the Process

As a family of four (mom, dad and 2-teenage boys), it would be so much easier if I could just setup our spending plan and ‘tell’ the others “this is what it is; now follow it”. But it doesn’t work that way and sometimes starting the conversation with others is the hardest part- especially after… Read more »

Where does your money go?

The little things add up… Once you start tracking your expenses, you’ll figure out where your money is really going. Then you can identify your spending leaks. Activity Where Does Your Money Go