Joint Owners

A joint owners account allows more than one person to own and manage it. MCCU considers a Joint Owner to have the same ownership rights on the account as the primary person. A Joint Owner is typically added to the account when the account is opened, however, members are able to add or remove Joint… Read more »

Stop a Debit or Credit Card transaction

How to stop a debit or credit card transaction Unfortunately, we cannot put a stop on a card transaction if it’s already pending. Debit card transactions will be paid as long as there is sufficient funds available in your checking account at the time the authorization is requested If this is an unauthorized transaction, contact… Read more »

Order a Debit/ATM Card

Ordering a debit card for the first time: If you have an existing checking account and are ordering a debit card for the first time, contact the Credit Union for assistance. If you don’t have a checking account opened, contact the Credit Union or visit the branch to see how you can qualify for one… Read more »

Stop pay on ACH

How to put a stop on an ACH transaction We can only put a stop payment on an ACH that has cleared your account in the past or if it’s pending to clear on your account Call member service or stop by the branch to fill out the Stop Payment form Pay a Stop Payment… Read more »