A Beneficiary is the person (1 or more) or entity you name in your Credit Union account to receive funds upon your death. Beneficiaries have no rights to the account (ownership or management). To Add a Beneficiary to your account: Information Needed: Social Security Number Date of Birth Address Contact Information If the Beneficiary being… Read more »

Joint Owners

A joint account allows more than one person to own and manage it. MCCU considers a Joint Owner to have the same ownership rights on the account as the primary person. A Joint Owner is typically added to the account when the account is opened, however, members are able to add or remove Joint Owners… Read more »


Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) Frequently Asked Questions The Credit Union’s IRA program allows you to lock your retirement funds into a higher rate for a specific term. The most frequently asked questions we get about our IRAs pertain to our account features. See below for features and benefits. Please contact a Member Service Representative for… Read more »

Money Market Savings

Money Market Savings Account A Money Market Account allows you to earn higher yields while maintaining the liquidity of your funds. You can open a Money Market Savings through the It’sMe247 Online banking using the desktop or mobile app. Select New Accounts and Open a New Savings or Checking Account* You can also call a… Read more »

Convenience Savings Accounts

Once you have a Base Share Savings (000) set up, you can open three additional convenience savings accounts to help budget and save. Each additional convenience savings account requires a $5.00 minimum balance. You can open a new savings through the It’sMe247 Online banking using the desktop or mobile app. Select New Accounts and Open… Read more »

Stop pay on ACH

How to put a stop on an ACH transaction We can only put a stop payment an ACH that has cleared your account in the past or if it’s pending to clear on your account Call member service or stop by the branch to fill out the Stop Payment form Pay a Stop Payment fee… Read more »