Stop a Debit or Credit Card transaction

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How to stop a debit or credit card transaction

  • Unfortunately, we cannot put a stop on a card transaction if it’s already pending. Debit card transactions will be paid as long as there is sufficient funds available in your checking account at the time the authorization is requested
  • If this is an unauthorized transaction, contact the merchant immediately to see if they can still cancel the transaction and/or issue an immediate refund. If for any reason, you can’t get a hold of the merchant and/or the merchant refuses to help, please contact the Credit Union and talk to a card specialist to know the next steps to take
  • For reoccurring card transactions, please contact the merchant to cancel subscription
  • If this is a fraudulent transaction, please contact the Credit Union right away or call the Fraud Department directly at 1-888-241-2440 to get your card blocked. You will be given instructions on what to do next to dispute the fraudulent transactions once they clear your account