Transfer money between your accounts

Automatic Fund Transfers (AFT)

Learn about your options for money transfers here.

AFT’s can be set up by you to happen right away, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, one time only using a future date, and more. Managing your money is even easier with the Online Banking Transfer Wizard. Just select Transfer Money from the Pay & Transfer drop down list and follow the simple steps.

AFT’s are a great tool to use for budgeting beyond just loan payments. You can set them up to start saving for the holidays or that special vacation.

**Automated fund transfers will be completed at the end of the day. This change is being made to ensure that ACH deposits, such as payroll direct deposits, and other deposits are made prior to transferring funds.

If you would like to make a change to an AFT set up on your account, you may do so by logging into your Online Banking account and select Transfer Money from the Pay & Transfer list at the top of the screen. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the AFT’s set up on your account. You are able to manage the transfers that have the ‘edit’ image and red X. If you have a transfer set up without the ‘edit’ ability and red X, please contact the credit union for assistance.

Don’t have the online banking app? No problem! It is simple to get the app:

Transfer money to another MCCU member

Transferring funds to other accounts that do not have common ownership (including co-makers on loans), can be done through the Online Banking Transfer Wizard. This tool is useful for situations such as making a transfer to one of your co-workers, family members or friends that also has an account here at MCCU.

Owe someone some lunch money? Just get their account number, 3-digit suffix and the last 3-letters of their last name and you can pay them back without needing cash or writing a check! Other examples include transfers from a parent to a child’s account, a child to parent, or even a spouse or family member that would want to make a payment to a loan that they are not listed as a co-maker.

Transfer money to another person at another financial

Using our Express Online Bill Pay service, you can send money to anyone that has a U.S. ‘bank’ account using their email address or entering in the direct account details. You may also mail a check and keep it simple. Enrollment in our Express Online Bill Pay and a MCCU checking account is required. Terms & Conditions apply.

A2A Transfers between your MCCU account and another financial account with the same ownership

A2A Transfers allow you to transfer funds between your MCCU account and an account at another financial institution. To get your accounts connected, login to your Online Banking and select the Account to Account Transfers link on the left menu under Member Requests & Tools.

Wire Funds to or from your MCCU Account

Wiring funds is a fast way to transfer funds between financial institutions and is commonly used when large balances are involved.  Funds are normally transferred within the same business day and funds are irrevocable and cash-based. *Never send funds to anyone you don’t know well to avoid becoming a victim of wire fraud. 

To initiate a wire transfer from your MetrumCU account, login to your Online Banking and select the Wire Out Request link on the left menu under Member Requests & Tools.

Wire In Instructions

Wire Transfer Agreement