VISA® Debit/ATM Card

At Metrum CU we have a Visa Debit and ATM Card available. The VISA® Debit/ATM Card provides you convenient access to your checking funds at nearly 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs nationwide, including many 7-Eleven Stores, while enjoying unlimited point-of-sale transactions.

Apply now for a VISA Debit/ATM Card, or call any of our friendly Credit Union Loan Officers to request an application by mail: 303-770-4468 or toll-free at 888-383-5926.

Advantages of a VISA® Debit and ATM Card

  • Access to nearly 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs nationwide, including 7-Eleven Stores*.
    • Click here for an online listing of CO-OP Network ATM’s available
    • Download the App to your Smartphone
    • Text to 692667 (my coop) with your street address, zip code, or “City State.”
  • Shopping convenience. You can use your VISA Debit/ATM Card at any merchant-accepting VISA. The funds are automatically deducted out of your checking account. Each month, you’ll receive a detailed listing of your purchases on your monthly statement.

For more information about the costs associated with the use of this card, call or email the Credit Union for more information—member services at 303-770-4468 or toll-free 888-383-5926.

*5 free ATM transactions per month, $1.00 fee per transaction after.

Overdraft Protection Options

An overdraft may occur when you have a transaction presented to clear your account when you do not have enough funds available, rather than returning the transaction, we may pay it. NOTE: If enough funds are available in a linked share account, a transfer may be initiated automatically to clear the item (The base-share account is the default account. To have a different share account linked to your checking, please contact the credit union directly.)

The Credit Union offers two additional overdraft protection programs that may fit your needs.

Courtesy Pay Overdraft Protection:

Courtesy Pay is when your account is allowed to go into a negative balance to clear a transaction that is presented. All transactions that clear your checking account and cause a negative balance will be assessed a $25.00 overdraft fee, the same fee as if we were to return the transaction.

The Courtesy Pay Overdraft Practice will authorize any ATM or one-time (everyday) debit card transactions (up to a specific dollar amount) if there are not sufficient funds available in your checking account at the time the authorization is requested. Direct Deposit is required to qualify for Courtesy Pay. Contact the credit union directly to learn more and sign up for Courtesy Pay Overdraft Protection.

Overdraft Line-of-Credit:

Protect your checking account against overdrafts with an approved Line-of-Credit. This line-of-credit will automatically transfer funds (up to the approved limit) to your checking account to clear items. The amount transferred will be the amount necessary to clear the item. The outstanding unpaid daily balance held on the line-of-credit will be assessed a finance charge of 17% APR, which is .046575% per day. Contact the credit union directly to learn more and apply for the Overdraft Line-of-Credit.

International Traveling Plans? Be sure to notify the CU first to avoid possible service interruptions when using your Debit or Credit Card. Click here to submit an International Travel Notice.


  • During Normal Business Hours (M-F, 9 am-5 pm MST): 303-770-4468 or toll-free1-888-383-5926
  • After Normal Business Hours: 1-888-241-2510
  • Outside of the US, call collect 909-941-1398


ATTENTION VISA Debit and Credit Card Holders

MCCU Debit and Credit Cards include various methods of fraud protection.
#1: There is a maximum daily limit allowed of $3,000. This limit resets every 24 hours. If you need to make a purchase for above that amount, please contact Extension 113 to have the limit temporarily increased.

#2: There is a maximum daily limit of $500 allowed for ATM withdrawals. This limit resets every 24 hours.

#3: Card Watch: watches your card transactions to determine if there may be possible fraud. All transactions are tracked and compared to your specific typical transaction activity. If an abnormal transaction is made with your card, you may receive a phone call from our fraud management company on behalf of the credit union. The call will be made to confirm the transaction suspected. If we are unable to contact you to confirm the transaction, your card may be blocked to prevent any additional possible fraud.

If you have any questions regarding this improved fraud protection, please contact the credit union at 303-770-4468, option 1.