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Don’t let Metrum Community Credit Union be the best kept secret; Spread the Word to everyone that we are the BEST Personal Financial Partner and that we offer many of the same services that the big b@**’s do too!

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Home Equity Loans

First Mortgage Loans

Commercial Loans (link coming soon)


Tips for successful Cross Sales:

  • Inquire and Listen
    • Ask questions to uncover member needs and carefully listen to their responses.
    • Questions provide you with information you can use to start a dialogue with members, to build a relationship with them, and to better understand their situation and goals. The right questions encourage members to tell you what you need to know so that you can provide them with the right credit union products and solutions.
  • Link Member Needs to Service
    • Based on your conversation and questions asked to the member, what services do we have that would benefit them (or their family)?
    • Describe the Benefits of the Service- how will the service help the member with their needs?
      • Lower payments? Easier to access? Support their budget? Better security?
  • Follow Through
    • Many times, the member may not be ready to take action (“Let me talk with my husband”). When this happens, ask the member if they would appreciate a follow up call or email in a week or so to answer any additional questions they may have. It is then up to you to Follow Through to continue the conversation.
    • Use the Sales Tracker tools to take good notes of the conversation and then assign a follow up to yourself, or to a referred team member.


Incentive tracking sheet Frontline & MSR’s

Incentive tracking sheet Shares-Margaret