Flip & Fix your Home Equity Loan

Home equity loans from your local credit union, Metrum Community Credit Union: Flip it & Fix it!

FLIP Your Rate & FIX Your Payments with a Fixed Home Equity Loan from Metrum

Rates have been on the rise for several months and are expected to continue increasing for at least a couple more months.  If you have a Home Equity Line of Credit with a variable rate, FLIP that line of credit to a Metrum Fixed Home Equity Loan & FIX your rate and payment for up to 20 years! As your local credit union, we are here to help you with the process with features such as:

  • Bring your variable-rate loan from another lender
  • Enjoy a fixed monthly payment for the life of the loan
  • Potential tax advantages *
  • Receive a FREE home value estimate

Check the value of your home now!

Apply for a Metrum Home Equity loan with our simple online loan application form.

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*Consult a tax advisor. **No fee to get pre-qualified for the loan and determine your home’s available equity. Estimated closing costs range from $500-$1,200, including origination and appraisal. All loans offered with approved credit. Colorado residents only. Please refer to loan disclosures for details. Metrum Community Credit Union membership required. NMLS 663072