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Flip & Fix your Home Equity Loan

Featured images for the blog Learn about a fixed home equity loan from Metrum.

In today’s economic climate, rising interest rates have become a significant concern for homeowners with variable-rate Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOCs). At Metrum, your local credit union, we understand the importance of financial stability. Convert your variable-rate loan to our Fixed Home Equity Loan. You can enjoy a fixed interest rate and consistent monthly… Read more »

Could You Save More With A Fixed Interest Rate?

fixed rate loan

Ready to save a little more each month? If you’ve been putting off your financial New Year’s resolution, it’s not too late to get back on track. Whether you’re planning long-term financial goals or just want some extra cash this year, switching to a fixed-interest rate loan could be your smartest move. Interest rates are… Read more »